The fees have been split in single or double (shared) hotel rooms. During registration you have the option to select your preference. The LH satellite meeting can host 100 participants. Registration will be open until July 6 or until registration has reached the maximum number of participants.

Shared hotel room: 380 EUR (please specify with whom you want to share your room)
Single hotel room: 480 EUR

What's included in the fee

The fee includes entrance to the scientific sessions, hotel accommodation (from Thursday till Sunday), daily breakfast, lunch & dinner, and coffee or tea during coffee breaks.

Registration process

Credit card processing is handled by the online payment company "Paylogic". During the payment process, Paylogic will ask you to create a user account, which is a separate account from your Light Harvesting registration, and unfortunately can't be skipped.

Payment is directly linked to the registration process, so please keep your credit card details ready.
You can order a ticket by selecting the "ticket quantity" (1 ticket per attendee allowed). You can pay by VISA, Mastercard or PayPal (or iDeal if you live in the Netherlands).

If you have any questions about the payment process or encounter problems, please contact the Paylogic Customer Service at, or check the Customer Service website. The call center can be reached at +31 900 7295 6442 from Mon-Fri 9-17 CET and Sat from 10-17 CET.

Please note that some registrants have noted problems during the payment process (timeouts/connection errors). If you experience these errors please try again at a later moment, using the payment link in your email. Also, using either Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer is recommended. It is not necessary to register all over again on this website, and you shouldn't worry about any accidental payments!

Terms & conditions

When you register for the Light Harvesting Satellite Meeting of the 17th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research, you agree with the Terms and Conditions.